Hornet Travel with Please Go Away Vacations

Your Emporia State University Alumni Association is pleased to announce the creation of an expanded and invigorated program of travel benefits for alumni, friends, and family of ESU.

Created in cooperation with 49-year travel industry veteran organization, Please Go Away™ Vacations, the new program will include selected "feature tours" each year highlighting exciting and educational destinations and experiences throughout North America and the rest of the world.  Each tour will feature a highly personalized "hands on" level of professional service concentrating on alumni and friends being asked to "Come and go with Corky."  Each "feature tour" will have a personal host to take care of the details of travel. Complete details of "ESU feature tours" can be viewed by clicking here.

Realizing that there are also many travelers who still want to enjoy quality travel experiences, but who prefer not to be part of a "feature tour," we have created an additional special travel program of savings and benefits for these independent-minded travelers.  The special savings and benefits created will be "in addition to" any other savings that may be available. 

We'd also like to post pictures from your travels with ESU and Please Go Away™ Vacations, so send them our way!  Your next vacation is just a click away.  Just save a seat for Corky!

Upcoming Trips:

And 2015 Special Tour: